Thought and designed by a passionate


Police simulation game Officer State Police Duty – OSPD®
(Duty of a state police officer)
"Embody and experience the exhilarating and immersive daily life of a police officer. !"

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Created with 💓 and ⚡️ in France.

Thought and designed by a passionate person, supported and enriched by the community.


OSPD® has been under development since September 2020.

OSPD® is an independent realistic font simulation game, coming soon, first, in French and English version and on PC and Mac.

Here you are in one of the city’s neighborhoods, and following your training at the INAP (Institut National Académique de la Police) where you will obtain your diploma to become an officer, and after posting in a police station of the city, you will be then operational to intervene and face all kinds of situations, alone or in pairs.

Be a respectable and respected police officer, or… conversely a dirty and crooked police officer. It’s your choice! But… just like in real life, your actions and decisions will affect your life and career. The higher your integrity and satisfaction rating, the more you would progress in your police career. Warning! if you make the wrong decisions, and bad habits, your notoriety will go down, and your career might well… um… not last long ! What’s more, if people complain about you, fear you, and you get caught by colleagues, you could go before the disciplinary board, face the police, be demoted, suspended, fired, even arrested and convicted! unless you manage to dissuade them…


Patrol on foot, by bike, by car, by motorcycle, by horse, by boat and much more! Explore and intervene in a city full of events, meet people and build trust with them. Perform identity checks, road checks, intervene day and night on different emergency calls and events, such as assaults, violence, drug trafficking, prostitution, robberies, hold-ups, attacks, accidents, Non-compliance with an injunction, an arrest warrant to be executed, search for a fugitive, stolen emergency vehicle, bicycle or scooter on the highway, Vigipirate plan, ambulance or VIP escort, defence and conservation of animals, fauna and flora… A call to the C. O.R suspect? (Operational Command and Regulation Center) go to the last place where the phone was located and investigate in the field… the caller may be in danger !

During your free time you can do sports, improve your shooting skills, train with your colleagues, go to restaurants or go shopping !

Thought and designed by a passionate person, supported and enriched by the community.


OSPD® has been under development since September 2020.

A game with an open world

to fully enjoy the game, discover and visit the cities.

From DLC and future packs

for new interactions and enriched gameplay.

A green, and eco-friendly world

where all emergency vehicles are electric, and green buildings.

A global creation tool

powerful and unlimited for your characters and outfits.

A team and staff mode

with the presence of a team controlled by the AI or a player.

Differences and diversity

are a strength and a richness, which reflects the reality in OSPD.

A beautiful and vast universe

of 100 km², including villages, mountains and the ocean.

A game that also wants to

faithful and realistic as possible for total immersion.

Roads and adapted public spaces

to elderly, handicapped persons or persons with reduced mobility.
Thought and designed by a passionate person, supported and enriched by the community.


A foretaste of graphics and OSPD gaming.


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Created with 💓 and ⚡️ in France


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